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1995 Radio Shack Detector Vs Uniden R7 Part 2!


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Aug 17, 2019
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Hello all.

Premiering in RDtalk today I did part 2 of the old and venerable Radio Shack detector vs the Uniden R7.

The purview of the test:

This test is actually 2 tests, and they all take place in an urban environment.I feel there is a great deal of tests that take place in woods.But Radio waves and concrete can have a real impact on range on an detector.

I ran only one detector at a time to avoid interference.


My wife sitting in the patrol car while I drove around her car put pressure on the amount of runs I could run.


Radioshack:Highway mode.

R7:Version 122,


Ka Filter:eek:n

K Band on.

TSF on

City mode.


K block:eek:n
The first test:

Screenshot_20190818-200212_Maps.jpgThe first test consists of a short but hard course , it is a series of turns with houses that lead to a straight away where out Patrol car sits. the whole course is about 1 mile long.

The second test:

A straight line through traffic and even a traffic light , the patrol car sits on the same spot but this time with the rear antenna transmitting.

Screenshot_20190818-201514_Maps.jpgThe Patrol car and set up:
2008 HondaCivic with a Kustom Signals 35.5 Dash unit on board, Dual antenna.




The Range of both units was greatly diminished.But surprisingly, Both detectors would had been a save.

Often Times I hear people dissapointed with the range of their R7, because it is not getting 4 mile range but terrain can greatly diminish range! even on the R7, the difference between the Radio Shack and The r7 on the short turn test was only about 5-6 seconds from the Radio Shack.

The Radio Shack detector could probably not be used now a ways due to constant BSM pollution, but it is fun seeing it hold it's weight against the titan.

The analog antenna of the Radio Shack detector often miss represented KA band for other frequencies at first, where the R7 was right on point.

In my tests I could not prove that the rear antenna is more sensitive than the front in the R7, that is just not the case, the front and the rear antenna are nearly identical in range, where the front one would beat the rear a bit, probably due to rear defrost obstruction of the rear window.

The R7 was way more responsive than the Radio Shack detector from 1995 ,it also filtered falses better and was able to detect off axis much better.

But I would probably trust the Radio Shack to save me constant on traps on the interstate it may be just enough range .

Half a mile is not bad considering the R7 got 1.3 miles .

I am sure in ideal conditions the Radio Shack could get at least 1.5 miles.




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Aug 15, 2019
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Fun test. What is the model of the RadioShack detector? I hope to be doing some X&K testing of my vintage detectors in the near future.


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Aug 17, 2019
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Hi! And thanks for watching!

It does.not say except what is in the bottom of the detector.

Surprising little unit considering it is analog and it scans the whole spectrum .20190814_225827.jpg

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